The Melrose Energy Commission is a group of Melrose citizens who are volunteering their time and expertise to help the city, its residents, businesses and non-profits save energy. By reducing energy consumption, the commission is contributing tangible and positive steps toward lessening the harmful effects of global warming and climate change.
Melrose Energy Commission helps save money and reduce carbon footprint.

When does MEC meet next?

November 21 at 7:15 pm at the Milano Center

Based on suggestions from the October 2019 meeting, the Melrose Energy Commission will decide on the 2020 priorities. Come to learn more or be part of the action.

Climate Action Plan Meeting

When? Tuesday, November 12 at 7 pm
Where? Milano Center, 2nd Floor Classroom (201 West Foster Street)
Who? Interested businesses, residents and Melrose representatives

Thanks to grants from MAPC,  Melrose, Natick and Arlington will each have their own planning process. The next meeting is on December 10, 2019.

Take Action Melrose

Help make a difference in energy usage. We offer energy-saving programs designed to help residents, businesses and non-profits reduce monthly utility bills, make living and working spaces more comfortable, and reduce transportation emissions.
Thanks to a City of Melrose initiative, residents and small businesses in Melrose can choose a 100% local renewable electricity option for a very competitive price. Check out the Melrose Community Aggregation program web site for more details.. Electricity from renewable energy is just one phone call away.

Our goal is net zero!


Get a no-cost energy assessment to reduce bills, increase comfort and check the safety of your home.
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Join Melrose Bank in going solar and  gain a visible commitment to your sustainability.
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Energy efficiency and renewables can help stabilize your energy bills.
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Ways to Save

The typical American household spends nearly $2,500 annually on energy for the home. Most of us in New England pay even more because of our long winters and relatively high energy prices. Learn a variety of ways to change your carbon footprint though installing solar, implementing energy-saving measures, and altering transportation choices.

washing machine

Buy Energy Star appliances…and wash in cold water


Install a
WiFi Thermostat


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