Electricity from Renewable Energy? With the Melrose Community Energy Aggregation, the price is right.

Have you ever considered how your electricity is made?  Power plants fired by coal and natural gas, hydroelectric dams, nuclear energy and renewable sources like solar and wind make up the mix, with pricing in Massachusetts increasing in the winter and decreasing again in summer.

Getting your electricity from all renewable resources is one way to reduce your carbon footprint, and thanks to the Community Energy Aggregation program, Melrose residents can do this easily at a very competitive price.

In spring 2019, the City, with assistance from Good Energy, negotiated stable electricity prices for its residents and businesses with a stable rate guaranteed through November 2021.

The rates includes an option for 100% renewable local energy at a very competitive price.

How can you switch? It's simple!

  1. Get your National Grid account number from your electricity statement.*
  2. Call NextEra Energy Services at (855) 639-8058 They are open Monday  through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM EST.
  3. Tell them that you would like to enroll in the "Melrose Premium 100% Local Green" program.
  4. Hang up and cross that off your list!

*If your electricity provider isn't currently National Grid or the Melrose Community Energy Aggregate program, you'll need to contact them first to cancel service.

Thanks for reducing your home's carbon footprint and thank you to the City and Council for pursuing this option that stabilizes electricity prices year-round and encourages local renewable energy.

Have questions? you can also email the folks at Next Era Energy Services at [email protected]

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