5 Ways to Warm Winter


Alison Hardy, owner of Window Woman of New England, and champion for good working windows that open, close, and lock. She gave us some great tips at our "Energy Efficiency for Older Homes" workshop in January 2020. In anticipation of cold winds and in honor of Energy Efficiency Day, here are five ways you can save energy and stay warmer this winter.

1. Close the sash lock

It seems obvious, but make sure all of your windows have locks and that they work. The lock creates a tight seal that keeps drafts away.

2. Upper sash closed completely

Gaps are gateways for cold air to breeze into your home.

3. Install weatherstripping along side jams

Spring bronze weatherstripping not only keeps the drafts up, it makes windows glide open and closed easily.

4. Install storm windows

The EPA estimates that homeowners can save 10% on their heating and cooling bills with good storm windows.

5. Curtains, shades and shutters

Another layer of draft protection at night and increases privacy.

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