First Congregational Church of Melrose 

After facing rising energy bills related to heating with electric heat, the First Congregational Church of Melrose decided to use the site to investigate solar.

The church received 7 quotes on the EnergySage marketplace which allowed them to compare offers apples-to-apples. First Congregational selected 621 Energy to install a 101kW 360 panel array using a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to finance the installation which allowed them to go solar with no upfront cost.

The First Congregational array produces more than 65% of required energy each year and saves the church over $9,000 annually. By using a power purchase agreement for financing, the energy portion of the church’s budget is stabilized – the church now purchases the solar energy that is produced at a rate that that is significantly lower compared to current utility rates. Along with energy efficiency improvements such as insulation, air sealing, heating system and lighting upgrades, First Congregational Church has decreased its utility bills by 40%. To learn more, visit EnergySage or at the FCC website.