Melrose Bank

As part of a commitment to sustainability, Melrose Bank has been increasing its energy efficiency measures within their facility. The bank has implemented a variety of programs designed to reduce the environmental impact of operations, including: a no-idle campaign at the drive-through teller, with a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emission and increasing clean air; completing an energy assessment to identify lighting and facility improvements; and updating the facility’s 30-year old HVAC. Recently, one of the more visible changes is a commitment to using renewables through the installation of a 45 kW rooftop and carport solar PV array - the first carport in a historic district in the country.

With this solar installation, the bank is reducing their annual electricity consumption by 52 percent and is estimated to save $128k over the next 20 years on electric bills.  The solar array is also bringing another source of financial stability and predictability to operating costs in a market where energy costs are increasing. Additionally, the use of renewable energy provides the bank with another way to demonstrate to stakeholders their commitment to a reduced energy footprint and a value of sustainability.

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