At a time when Washington seems to be backsliding and worse on climate change, residents across
Massachusetts and in Melrose in particular have an easy, inexpensive way to make a positive difference
towards achieving clean, efficient home and local business energy use.

The City has established a great program called “Melrose Community Power”, which gives National Grid
customers the chance to switch to 100% renewable energy among the menu of electricity options.
Baseline electricity service available in Melrose provides power to homes and businesses at 5% more
renewable sources than the required state minimum. This current contract offers a fixed rate for
another year, and the City intends to enter into an extended agreement when this one expires.
Customers can always decide to opt-out of the 5% Green and revert to the Basic plan, set at 0%
additional renewable energy.

More important, customers have the ability to choose the 100% Local Green option, which delivers
electricity from only regional renewable sources, and provides the maximum benefit possible to
reducing impacts of climate change from electricity generation. There is an added cost to the 100% Local
Green option, which today is between 2 and 3 cents per kilowatt hour over the lowest Basic plan. This
translates into about $10 more on monthly electricity bills for most homes, although at my house there
was barely an increase. The City’s “Opt-Up” website has an easy-to-use calculator, as well as all the
information needed about benefits of the 100% Local Green program. Enrolling takes only a few minutes
and can be cancelled at any time without penalty. See

Nearby communities have embraced this option and their measurements of greenhouse gas emissions
show noticeable reductions. Helping address extreme weather and climate change is everyone’s
concern, so it’s a good idea to look into the 100% Local Green option. It’s among the best and most
practical ways we can do our share here in Melrose to help solve this global challenge. Whether you are
a newcomer to the fight against climate impacts or a seasoned veteran, the 100% renewable option is a
must-have feature in your toolkit.

Cassandra Koutalidis
29 Crystal Street, Melrose
Member, Melrose Energy Commission

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