The Better Bike -

A #MassMade Electric Bike

In my search for viable carbon friendly transportation options I visited the Better.Bike Company in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. Better.Bike is inventor and manufacturer of the PEBL – a pedal electric e-bike ideal for work commutes.

The typical GHG emissions in Melrose for each residential vehicle averages about 3 metric tons of GHG per year.  Also most people commuting to work by car have to use the highly congested I-93 and I-95 highways. This increases transit times and most commuters struggle to find a good work-life balance or meet health & wellness goals.

With these critical issues in mind, I have been following the Better.Bike Company since they first appeared on Kickstarter in 2016. I have long hoped that the PEBL will be the solution to our commuter transportation needs.

They have clearly made a lot of progress since their Kickstarter days. When my family arrived at the Better.Bike headquarters we were met by one of the founders Nevin Murray. I was quite impressed by the PEBL.  Nevin and his dad, Kevin, have incorporated a vast number of design elements into the PEBL that make it very usable and ergonomic. Quite surprisingly both my wife and son were also equally impressed.

This is a great vehicle!

Nevin took us to see the manufacturing floor where we met his dad and other employees that were working hard on assembling PEBLs. The PEBL is manufactured pretty much entirely in the US – most of it in Massachusetts. All the employees are locals and each PEBL is hand built to individual customer’s needs.

Melrose MEC visit Nevin and Kevin Murray at Better Bike
Kevin and Nevin Murray in their Deerfield, MA workshop

It was refreshing to see so many young people, Nevin and his co-workers, making such a robust contribution to solving one of humanity’s greatest problems. In meeting Nevin and the Better.Bike Team I came away with a sense of great hope for our society and our planet as a whole.

As we are presented with increasingly grim facts about our negative impact on the planet, it is very easy to feel helpless and disempowered. It is far too tempting to just lose all hope and say, “There is nothing I can do”. 

Nevin and his colleagues at Better.Bike show us that there is something we can do.  

* Contributed by Sunil Sainis - a physicist who volunteers with the Melrose Energy Commission. The author would like to thank Serafina Restraino of Better.Bike for her many valuable inputs. 

2 Thoughts on “The Better Bike – A #MassMade Electric Bike”

  • Sorry but this is not ‘mass made’, it is a small family business that hand assembles each vehicle. Their back orders are out 6 months.

    • Thanks for your comment, Jim. You’re right. While they designed the bike and assemble them in MA, they don’t manufacture all of the pieces that make up the bike.

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